Have been feeling a bit depressed lately over the writing career; just felt that no-one was ever going to buy my books and I was never going to be the successful writer that I so want to be or achieve the lifestyle of writing and travelling that I want.  So you can imagine my surprise when late last night I got an e-mail from a woman called Francesca to say that she had just bought both of my books from Kindle e-store!

I was over the moon!  I nearly cried!  I went rushing in to tell Gary and he was really excited too.  I e-mailed Francesca back to tell her that she was my first customer and to thank her for buying my books.  I feel vindicated.  It’s the first time I have ever sold any of my work.  Until yesterday no-one had ever paid money to read my writing; I know it’s only two copies but at least it’s a start and it proves I can sell my work.  I feel so much more confident about my writing today.  Yesterday I was feeling ‘what’s the point of writing this stuff, no-one’s ever going to read it but they are going to read it and pay for the privilege too!


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