Self-Publishing and I   This first link is the link to my first novel, entitled Blood Addiction which is the story of a young vampire in New York City who finds out he’s the son of Count Dracula.  The second link is to a book called Butterflies which is basically a collection of my poems and short stories.

I’m not sure if the links are fully operational yet as I only put them on yesterday evening and they take a while to set themselves up, if you know what I mean.

I’m always a little bit dubious about this self-publishing thing because it feels like you’re throwing your work out into space and nobody’s ever paying any attention but decided that it had to be worth a try.  The thing with me is that I hate marketing myself!  I’m just so rubbish at it!  I’m always afraid of sounding like an arrogant self-important tosser who’s in love with themselves.  I’m just not comfortable doing the ‘I’m so wonderful, I’m so great’ thing.

But I still want people to buy my books.


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