Hugo -The Film

A week or two ago, I forget the exact date, Gary and I went to see a film called Hugo.  It had received rather middling reviews in The Times; they said the beginning was good but the end was pretty boring.  Well the reviewer at The Times doesn’t know what he/she is talking about because Gary and I loved it!  Gary said it was the best film he’d seen all year!  It is funny and sad and exciting and romantic and tender and moving and adventurous all at once.

It’s directed by Martin Scorsese and features a fabulous cast including Jude Law, Sasha Baron Cohen, Christopher Lee and Ben Kingsley.  I don’t know who plays the boy Hugo but he’s brilliant and so is the actress who plays the young girl.  Everyone is good and the photography is to die for!  Paris in the 1920s has never looked so Beautiful!  I thoroughly recommend this film!


Have been feeling a bit depressed lately over the writing career; just felt that no-one was ever going to buy my books and I was never going to be the successful writer that I so want to be or achieve the lifestyle of writing and travelling that I want.  So you can imagine my surprise when late last night I got an e-mail from a woman called Francesca to say that she had just bought both of my books from Kindle e-store!

I was over the moon!  I nearly cried!  I went rushing in to tell Gary and he was really excited too.  I e-mailed Francesca back to tell her that she was my first customer and to thank her for buying my books.  I feel vindicated.  It’s the first time I have ever sold any of my work.  Until yesterday no-one had ever paid money to read my writing; I know it’s only two copies but at least it’s a start and it proves I can sell my work.  I feel so much more confident about my writing today.  Yesterday I was feeling ‘what’s the point of writing this stuff, no-one’s ever going to read it but they are going to read it and pay for the privilege too!

Sir David Attenborough

As everyone who’s alive and breathing must know Sir David Attenborough is a National Treasure and someone who is almost beyond reproach.  So it saddens me to say that it has come to my attention that Lord Nigel Lawson actually had the temerity to criticise him last week for scaremongering!  Lord Lawson seemed to be saying that (and this is the gist of it and not his actual words) global warming is a load of old rubbish and Sir David is just scaring people and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

How dare that Tory wanker criticise Sir David!  How many times has Lawson been to the North or South Pole?  What does he know about environmental science?  Has he interviewed and spoken to scientists about the problem?  No, he hasn’t!  He’s just a ignorant Tory git who loves the sound of his own voice and can’t wait to open his big fat mouth!  He assumes that we, the general public, are all hanging on his every word!  Well guess again, mate!  Lawson couldn’t even run the economy without screwing it up so how dare he criticise Sir David!  Lawson should shut his mouth and let Sir David get on with doing what he does best which is informing everyone about the wonders and perils of the natural world.

Self-Publishing and I   This first link is the link to my first novel, entitled Blood Addiction which is the story of a young vampire in New York City who finds out he’s the son of Count Dracula.  The second link is to a book called Butterflies which is basically a collection of my poems and short stories.

I’m not sure if the links are fully operational yet as I only put them on yesterday evening and they take a while to set themselves up, if you know what I mean.

I’m always a little bit dubious about this self-publishing thing because it feels like you’re throwing your work out into space and nobody’s ever paying any attention but decided that it had to be worth a try.  The thing with me is that I hate marketing myself!  I’m just so rubbish at it!  I’m always afraid of sounding like an arrogant self-important tosser who’s in love with themselves.  I’m just not comfortable doing the ‘I’m so wonderful, I’m so great’ thing.

But I still want people to buy my books.