ROW80 Check-In 06/11/2011

Achievements for the week: –

Thursday – We were out until about 4pm on Thursday so I only managed 970 words on Dark Nights, Deadly City and nothing on Emily Swann.  Did read my daily poem though.

Friday – Managed 2055 words on DNDC and 300 on Emily Swann plus poem read.

Saturday – 1951 words in DNDC and 0 on ES.  Daily Poem read.

Sunday – 1579 words on DNDC and 0 on ES.  Daily Poem read.

Overview.  Total for Dark Nights, Dirty City stands at 10,499 which puts me about 500 words ahead of where I should be.  It’s not as far ahead as I would like but I mustn’t beat myself up about that because I am still ahead.  I tend to focus on the things I don’t do and not what I do achieve.  Think positive Janet!  Emily Swann is standing at just under 100 sides of paper so it’s nearly 30,000 words.  As expected, with the pressure of the NaNoWriMo thing Emily Swann has suffered a bit but not too badly.  Still managed to do about 17,500 on it since last Sunday.  I’m going to try to aim for 2,000 a week on Emily Swann; which is only about 300 words a day.  I want to stay ahead on DNDC because we have a friend coming over for lunch on Wednesday so I won’t be able to do quite so much on that day.  Have successfully read at least one poem (and usually more) every day.

The main feeling I’m getting from this is that, although sometimes I’m shattered from the mental concentration, the horrible feeling of apathy has left me.  Sometimes I feel I’d rather clean the cooker than write!  My resistance to it can be terrible but if I’ve got anything from this NaNoWriMo thing I think it is that it has shattered my resistance to writing.  The trouble is I’m such a perfectionist in all the wrong ways; it’s not really writer’s block, it’s just fear of writing crap!  And then there’s the ‘what’s the point because no-ones ever going to see it’ attitude to overcome as well.


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