Protesting outside St Pauls

I have just seen on the news and read in the paper that nine out of ten tents outside St Pauls are unoccupied at night because the protesters moan that it’s too cold.  Aah, poor diddums!  Not a very hardlined protest then, is it?  And they’re supposed to be protesting about globalisation while all the time they’re eating in MacDonalds and buying their coffees in Starbucks!  Not to mention the fact that they’re in the wrong place; I understand they couldn’t get to the stockmarket, but if you’re protesting about the behaviour of bankers, then shouldn’t you be outside a bank?  I don’t see the point of this protest; I picketed outside the South African Embassy in the 1980s as part of the free Nelson Mandela Campaign and obviously I saw the point of that.  But this protest?  I’m sorry but I don’t get it.


One thought on “Protesting outside St Pauls

  1. I am thoroughly convinced that people will protest anything just for the sake of saying “I protested.” That’s funny about the McDonald’s and the Starbucks.

    And yeah.. protesting the behavior of bankers should probably be done in front of some sort of financial institution.

    People are so silly and self-righteous sometimes.

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