ROW80 Check-In 23/10/2011

Success!  I have, for the first time, achieved all the things I set out to do.  Firstly I wrote everyday, then I read at least one poem a day and I managed four blog posts this week.  Have written over 2500 words for my novel Emily Swann this week!  Feeling very proud of myself.  I must say that this ROW thing is really working for me.  Knowing that I have to account for myself has made me a hell of as lot more productive!

For Wednesday I aim to have written over 2000 words of Emily Swann and I’m sticking with the reading a poem a day thing.  Also going to try to stick with the four blog posts a week.  I also wrote out a cast list of all the characters in Emily Swann yesterday which led me to discover that I’d invented a character a couple of weeks ago and forgotten about her since then!  Oops!  Will hopefully sort that out when I start the editing process.  Don’t know about anyone else but I can’t edit as I go; I have to write a first draft and then go back and start editing it.  If I finish the first draft of Emily Swann by Christmas then I plan to do all the editing from January till June, ideally finishing by my birthday on the 2nd of June, if not, then by my wedding anniversary on the 20th of June.


4 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In 23/10/2011

  1. Amazing how a good week pumps you up, isn’t it? Sounds like great progress… hope your week is going well and you are “riding the muse wave” as I like to say.

    Thanks for stopping by my Castles in the Air guest post and commenting. You made my day! 😉

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