Ignorance is bliss?

There is a trend I have been noticing lately that I find frankly alarming, and that is the idea that it is a good thing to be ignorant.  I don’t expect everyone to be dead keen on studying or to be a bookworm; of course different people are into different things but I would like to think we all have a certain degree of general knowledge.  Unfortunately I have recently discovered that I have been sadly wrong.  In a fairly recent episode of Come Dine With Me some silly bitch declared that she “would rather be streetwise than know the Capital of Rome!”  Don’t you mean the Capital of Italy?  How thick can you be and still be breathing?  Yes, there is a value to being streetwise and it’s not much use to anyone to be an ivory towered scholar who knows nothing of the real world but it doesn’t help to be thick as a brick either!  On a separate programme someone apologised to Katie Price for being “a history nerd” as she put it.  She was immediately thrown off the show.  But what gets me is why did she feel the need to apologise for having an education?  Since when has this become a bad thing?

I realise that some people have dyslexia and other learning disabilities which makes it difficult for them to achieve high standards of education but what appals me is that so many young people today seem to think that education and learning are a waste of time and that any young people who are vaguely intellectual get ridiculed because of it.  Since when has it become a good thing to be ignorant?  How did being thick become cool?  Is this something young people really want to emulate?  God help us all if it is!


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