Ethnic Cleansing on Dale Farm?

I was watching the news with my wonderful hubby yesterday and, in case you’ve been living in a cave, Dale Farm is this Traveller’s site which was put up without any sort of planning permission and now the Council have been through the courts and won the right to evict the travellers.  The bailiffs have been called in and are slowly clearing the site.  Now some idiot who either is a traveller or was speaking for them, I’m not sure which, was on the phone talking to the news reporter and he said this was ‘ethnic cleansing’.  I have never heard a more stupid statement in my life!  He does not know what he’s talking about.  Yes, it’s sad that some people are being made homeless but it is not ethnic cleansing. No-one has died!  Ethnic cleansing is a term using to describe killing people because they are from a ethnic group that you hate.  Saying this about Dale Farm is an insult to the families of those who have been killed.  For God’s sake; Dale Farm is a bunch of people being evicted.  And I fail to see why, if we law-abiding citizens have to apply for planning permission, that people who live in caravans don’t.  Justice is the same laws for everyone and if it’s one law for them and one law for us then it isn’t justice.  And it certainly isn’t ethnic cleansing.


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