ROW80 Sunday Check-In

Okay I missed Wednesday’s check-in so apologies for that; it’s hard for me to work out how many words I’ve done because I’m doing the first draft by hand but I’ve worked out I do about three hundred words to a page so I’ve done about seven pages this week which works out at about two thousand words.  If I do my 500 words a day then it should be 3,500 words so I fell short a bit but at least I made progress.  I would like to do 1,000 a day so I’d be hitting 7,000 a week but there you go.  Struggled a bit this week with character viewpoint; have reached a really crucial scene where an attempted murder takes place and can’t quite decide whether to write it from the point of view of the victim or the attacker;  might try re-writing it from the other point of view just to see what it looks like.

Did manage my two blog posts a week, might see if I can up that to three a week next week.  If it doesn’t work I can always scale it back.

So targets for next week are 1) three blogs posts and 2) 4,000 words of novel Emily Swann plus re-write from different point of view of attempted murder scene.  Now I written it down I’ll feel guilty if I have to explain to you all that I couldn’t be bothered to shift my lazy a**e!


3 thoughts on “ROW80 Sunday Check-In

  1. I went back through some of you blog looking for the back-of-the-book for Emily Swann…do you have a synopsis posted somewhere? I love following along other writers’ works in progress…I’ve recently discovered that’s it is motivational for me…and I especially like it when I can get a good feel for what their work is about.

    • Haven’t really done a synopsis yet as I think I’m pretty crap at writing them but here goes! The year is 1816 and the Napoleonic Wars have just ended; Emily Swann is a ten year old girl who is heiress to a large inheritance but her grasping and greedy uncle wants the money for his own ends so he decides to murder her but Emily turns out to be a more formidable adversary than he could have ever imagined…

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