Becoming a Writer

I’ve always been a scribbler; I won a school poetry competition at eight years old (so far the only time I’ve won a literary prize) but I never considered myself a writer.  I wrote poetry in my teens and imaginary song lyrics for my imaginary band but I always saw people who wrote books as some sort of magicians with mystical powers that someone like me obviously didn’t have.  Writers were an elite; something that us ordinary mortals could aspire to but never be.  It wasn’t until I became a mature student at the grand old age of thirty seven that my attitude changed.

In the first year of my history degree we had to do a second subject, which at the time pissed me off because there was nothing else I wanted to study.  Then I noticed they did creative writing so I thought ‘What the hell, I’ll give that a try.’  It was strange being with other writers discussing our work, reading other people’s stuff and bitching about other people’s work.  But for the first time I realised that writers were just ordinary people who wrote and I could be one too.  More shockingly, I realised that I was, in fact, probably already a writer; I just hadn’t realised it.

I think that a massive part of being a writer is developing the right mind set.  When I was a teenager I was totally evasive about my writing and would never have shown any of it to anyone but there is a process of self acceptance that you have to go through to become who you are.  We all do it but it took me so long to say “I’m a writer.”


5 thoughts on “Becoming a Writer

  1. You most certainly could and I am sure you will be a great writer. The way you write it is very creative and sincere. You use a lot of different words than we use in everyday language and that makes it even more interesting to read. 🙂

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