Writing Struggles

Well I must confess I’ve been very naughty; lost heart and until today didn’t write a word for two weeks or maybe more.  But today I kicked myself up my lazy slacker a**e and wrote some more of my novel.  Okay I only wrote about three hundred words but at least I wrote something.  I still plan to have my first draft finished by Christmas; I would like to motivate myself to blog more often too but I know what I’m like.  I tend to come up with enormous grand plans for conquering the universe (metaphorically speaking) and do loads for a few days and then run out of steam and give up completely!  So I’m trying to set myself smaller and possibly more achieveable targets.  That way I can feel good when I achieve something and not beat myself up because I’m not ruler of the Universe yet!


3 thoughts on “Writing Struggles

  1. inspiration cannot be a motivator for the novelist. discipline is the only way to complete the next to impossible task of writing a novel.

    I am impressed that you will finish your draft by the holidays. Those are the tough days to maintain a wiring regimen.

    I write first thing in the morning for about 15 – 30 minutes. That way no matter what the day throws at me, I have completed my writing for the day. (Its also much easier to write my stuff before the world intrudes with its emails, news and distractions)

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