Turkish Food

Most of the food in Turkey was very nice especially the breakfasts.  I usually had a boiled egg, yoghurt, cheese, some melon, some cold meat and a little chocolate sweetie thing to finish off; apart from the chocolate it was all quite healthy too.

This was the lunch I had in the Grand Bazaar; it wasn’t sensational but it was adequate.  Most of the food seemed to be lamb with rice and sometimes bread as well with a bit of salad.  The Turks are a bit stingy with their chips but that was okay.

Here is a freshly squeezed pomegranate juice that I had one day.  The guy squeezed it right in front of me so you can’t get fresher than that.  It’s supposed to be very healthy but, my God, was it sharp?!  I could only drink about half of it before my mouth puckered up!

Also tried both the Turkish tea and the Turkish coffee; have to say I didn’t really like either of them.  The tea wasn’t too bad but I miss the milk and the coffee was very strong!!


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