Holiday in Istanbul

My lovely husband and I have just come back from five days in Istanbul.  We had a fabulous time; there was so much to see and do and the Turkish people are just the friendliest people on earth!  We both enjoyed it so much we’ve sworn to go back there.  Here is a picture of my lovely hubby (otherwise known as Mr Bongle).  This photo was taken on the roof of our hotel where the restaurant was; you had to climb four flights of stairs to get there which was hard especially for Gary but more than worth it for the absolutely wonderful view.  As you can tell you could see all the way out over the Bosphorus and the cool breeze off the sea meant it was warm and sunny but never too hot.  More from Turkey in later posts.



One thought on “Holiday in Istanbul

  1. This is not the comment I’d intended on leaving, but thanks for the posts on Istanbul and Turkish food…my 3 year old son is obsessed with Istanbul so I brought him in to see these…he thinks the round roofed building is really cool and he too, would now like a chocolate sweet with his yogurt breakfasts. 🙂

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