Horse Riding and Me.

Yesterday I went horse riding again.  It was only the second time I’d done it.  The first time was in the New Forest where I rode a horse called Laddie; he was so beautiful that when the lesson and ride was over, if I could have fitted him in the car I would have taken him home.  I had a half hour riding lesson first and then we went for a one and a half hour trek through the New Forest.  Yesterday was a bit different; for a start my horse was called Laurence and he was a lot bigger than Laddie!  Secondly, I got on and then we went for a trek for a hour, there was no riding lesson.  I still enjoyed it but I was scared to death the whole time as well.  I didn’t grow up with a horsey background; there aren’t many horses available in council estates in Kenton.  I did it to challenge myself and also because I really do need to exercise but I can’t find any exercise I actually enjoy doing and would possibly want to do again.  Horse riding seems to be a winner but it’s also scary and expensive.

Turkish Food

Most of the food in Turkey was very nice especially the breakfasts.  I usually had a boiled egg, yoghurt, cheese, some melon, some cold meat and a little chocolate sweetie thing to finish off; apart from the chocolate it was all quite healthy too.

This was the lunch I had in the Grand Bazaar; it wasn’t sensational but it was adequate.  Most of the food seemed to be lamb with rice and sometimes bread as well with a bit of salad.  The Turks are a bit stingy with their chips but that was okay.

Here is a freshly squeezed pomegranate juice that I had one day.  The guy squeezed it right in front of me so you can’t get fresher than that.  It’s supposed to be very healthy but, my God, was it sharp?!  I could only drink about half of it before my mouth puckered up!

Also tried both the Turkish tea and the Turkish coffee; have to say I didn’t really like either of them.  The tea wasn’t too bad but I miss the milk and the coffee was very strong!!

My Favourite Time of Year

“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!”  The quote is the first line of a poem entitled To Autumn by John Keats and like Keats this is my favourite time of year.  It’s like Mother Nature got bored of just green and so decided to paint the town and countryside with red and yellow and orange and just a hint of green; so beautiful.

Traffic in Turkey

I consider myself to be quite widely travelled as I’ve been to Brussels, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Marseilles, Hong Kong, Naples, Rome, Florence, Orlanda, New York, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and probably a few other places I might have forgotten to mention but I have never seen anything like the traffic in Istanbul.  It’s like a cross between a Roman chariot race and a stock car rally.  I got a Lonely Planet guide book for Istanbul and it made me laugh when I read the advice about car hire; it said something like “if you’re thinking of driving in Turkey, don’t!”  That is advice I have to agree with.  What was amazing was that Gary and I only noticed one car that was a bit scraped when we were over there and we never witnessed a single accident.  I would hate to drive over there and I dread to think what their insurance premiums must be like!

This picture doesn’t really get the awfulness of it but it was a hard thing to capture in a photograph.  You’re just going to have to take my word for it!

Holiday in Istanbul

My lovely husband and I have just come back from five days in Istanbul.  We had a fabulous time; there was so much to see and do and the Turkish people are just the friendliest people on earth!  We both enjoyed it so much we’ve sworn to go back there.  Here is a picture of my lovely hubby (otherwise known as Mr Bongle).  This photo was taken on the roof of our hotel where the restaurant was; you had to climb four flights of stairs to get there which was hard especially for Gary but more than worth it for the absolutely wonderful view.  As you can tell you could see all the way out over the Bosphorus and the cool breeze off the sea meant it was warm and sunny but never too hot.  More from Turkey in later posts.