Talking of Embarassing Moments

I have had huge experience of embarassing myself in public but one of the worst experiences was at the ticket office of Bristol Bus Station.  I was in a hurry as I had about ten minutes to queue up, buy my ticket, stash my luggage and get on the coach before it left.  I finally got to the front of the queue and I put my handbag on the counter which was quite high up; I had to lean on the counter with my elbows to give you some idea of how high it was.  Anyway the woman punched her computer and told me the price and then she asked if I had some change because she was running low.  I delved into my handbag looking for my purse but my handbag fell off the counter and landed upside down on the floor.  Naturally everything fell out including a newly opened box of tampons that scattered their contents all over the floor of the ticket office so that I had to frantically chase the bloody things all over the floor.  I could have died!


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