The Things That Make Me Human – Doubt

It is part of the human condition to always doubt ourselves.  There is nothing wrong with wondering if what you’re doing is right; in many cases it just shows that you care because you’re worried about upsetting people.  And because none of us really know for certain what tomorrow will bring, this sense of not knowing makes us tentative and doubtful.  If I do this,that or the other, will it work out?  Who knows?  But if we don’t try, we don’t get.  Life is full of risk and in the end you have to take chances otherwise you wouldn’t be living.  A lot of people are afraid of dying but to my mind it seems to be a shame to be afraid of living.  As I have just said, a certain amount of doubt is inevitable but you should try not to let the doubts control you; it should always be the other way round.

And finally, always suspect people who say they have all the answers.  Never trust anyone who doesn’t doubt themselves for as W.B.Yeats said “The best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”  People like Hitler and Stalin rarely doubted themselves because they were arrogant psychopaths; I’d rather be a doubter than be like that.


2 thoughts on “The Things That Make Me Human – Doubt

  1. I suppose that the difference in people like Hitler is that they let their outside influences effect them more so than the nagging feeling of doubt. People rarely stop to consider that maybe your personal intuition about something (which I think makes up a large part of what doubt is) is more relevant than all the information you have on the subject at hand. Hitler may have questioned himself but not to the extent that he allowed himself to doubt because of the influences that he saw in front of him, and that is what eventually drove him to be a genocidal maniac. You are correct in saying doubt is a great thing to have, because without it, we may succumb to other influences that may lead us in the wrong direction. Brilliant.

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