The Things That Make Me Human – Curiosity

One of the things that makes me human is my curiosity.  As a fairly typical Gemini, I’m more curious than most.  It would be a shorter list to tell you what I’m not interested in than to list all the things I am into.  Just about any subject fascinates me and I read books, flick through magazines, surf the internet, watch TV and listen the the radio all the time (not quite all at the same time although sometimes it does get close to it!)  But the thing that interests me most is people; in truth I want to know just about everything about just about everyone.  Now some people (like my husband) say that this is just because I’m nosy, and yes that is a part of it, but I think that knowledge leads to understanding and it is said that people tend to hate what they’re most afraid of.  Surely the better I know you, the more I can understand you.

Also there is the stark fact that knowledge is power; the more you know and understand then the better equipped you are to deal with all the problems that this complicated and difficult world throws up.  Some say that ignorance is bliss but I don’t agree.


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