The Things That Make Me Human – Compassion

Okay here’s another list because I just like doing lists but this one is about the things that make me human.  They’re not in any particular order and the list is not definitive but the first one I’m going to write about is compassion.  It’s compassion that makes us care about other people; it’s that little bit inside of you that imagines what its like to be someone else and feels for that person’s pain, even if they’re a complete stranger.  It’s that spark that makes you want to reach out and help the next person if you think they’re suffering.  In my opinion compassion is the highest form of love because it doesn’t rely on physical appearance or whether you find someone attractive, it just relies on your humanity.

Of course there are people who are totally devoid of compassion and they are known as sociopaths but I can say that I’m very glad I’m not one of them.  Recent events, although very bad, have in their aftermath highlighted many people’s compassionate nature and that cannot be a bad thing.


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