It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Unless you’ve been living on the moon you must be aware of all the rioting that’s been taking place in Britain over the last few days.  Shops and houses have been torched, there’s been widespread looting and many people have been attacked and beaten up.  I understand that in the original arrest of a drug dealer in Tottenham he was shot dead by the police and now the ballistics report has said he had a gun but it hadn’t been fired.  Yes, this does raise questions about police behaviour and yes the lack of opprtunities for poor young men and women on the fringes of society are practically non-existent but this should not lead to the level of criminality and violence that we have been seeing on our streets. Disadvantaged young people need opportunities and they need to have their aspirations raised but they must also understand that anything worth having usually involves a lot of hard work.  I hate to sound like a Daily Mail reader but everyone needs to know that they are resonsible for their actions.

But there is some good news and that is that in amongst all the chaos and disquiet ordinary British people are coming together; bonding in their communities and forging links to clear up the mess.  All this aggravation has strengthened our sense of community and helped us to reach out a helping hand to those who really need it.  As in all times of trouble, it brings people out of themselves; the bad people will release their nastiness but the good people will dig deep and bring out their best and it is all the signs of goodness that give us hope for the human race.  From people defending their temples to simply bringing brooms to clear up; the vicar of Ealing said so many people came to help with the clearing up that he had to turn most of them away.  So never give up believing in goodness and what it can achieve.  The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing but good people usually find that when faced with evil they can’t just do nothing, they feel prompted to act; that’s what makes them good.



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