My Favourite Books – Part Twelve

Okay, last post on this list for now.  The books I’ve chosen are all books that have influenced me greatly and so I can’t fail to mention one book that has had an enormous impact on my life and that is my first novel called Blood Addiction.  Don’t bother looking for it on the bookshelves because it never made it that far; but it took me two years to write it and I realised a tremendous amount about being a writer and particularly being a novelist through doing it.  Sent it off to over fifty publishers and it got rejected by everyone.  Got so depressed that I gave up writing for a while but a friend who’s a literary agent read it and said it was extremely well written so over time I got my confidence back.

Because it was the first novel I ever wrote Blood Addiction will always have a place in my heart.  It is available for sale, you can find it as an e-book on Amazon although they have over priced it!  It’s also available on a website called iWriteReadRate and it is a lot cheaper on that one!

Despite the difficulties I now know that this is the book that made me a writer.


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