My Favourite Books – Part Eleven

I went over to see a friend many years ago and because of the trains ended up being a bit late and staying later than I had anticiapated.  This meant that I missed the last train home and so she kindly said I could stay for the night.  But of course because I hadn’t been expecting to stay over I had bought nothing to read.  I was only about seventeen or so at the time and my friend knew I liked poetry so she lent me the Complete Poems of John Donne to read before I went to sleep.  I went to the room I’d been allocated and thought I’d just have a quick read before turning in.  But I was up till three o’clock in the morning reading these fantastic poems!

The strength and passion and irregular rhythms that bind them are so overwhelmingly brilliant; I had never read anything like it!  Donne is one of the greatest poets ever and if I had to pick one I just couldn’t, so I’m simply going to recommend them all!


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