Blowing hot and cold.

There was an article in The Times today about air conditioning that I had to agree with.  It was saying that not only is air conditioning expensive and adding to global warming but it makes us more insular because we all sit inside temperature controlled rooms instead of gathering outside.  It was saying that in the U.S.A. no-one sits on their porch anymore, everyone prefers to stay inside their houses and so the rise of air conditioning is helping to make us evermore anti-social.

Gary and I went to Las Vegas a few years back and it was boiling hot outside and freezing in the casinos.  I caught myself wishing that I’d bought warmer clothes!  It’s ridiculous that when it’s ninety degrees outside I should have to wear thermals when I’m indoors.  If you must have air conditioning, do you have to have it on full blast?  Turn it down please!


One thought on “Blowing hot and cold.

  1. I agree totally. Americans (like me) have become so alienated with the outdoors that we cannot stand to be without AC for even a few minutes. Sadly I feel this happening more and more this year to me, even though I have always been an outdoors sort of person, because the heat where I live has gotten to extremes (over 100 degrees daily). To go outdoors means to have trouble breathing because it’s so dry and hot. I feel the pressure of a lack of exposure to natural light and warmth daily. I hate the feeling of artificial air. We really do need to start turning it down.

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