Honouring the Earth

Was having a chat with my sister yesterday via Facebook about littering.  Apparently the One Show did a programme about it and there was an article in the Times recently which said that in some survey or other the British had turned out to be the worst nation when it comes to littering.  I can’t remember the exact figures but we were the ones who dropped the most litter.  I know a lot of people will think this is a very trivial matter but it’s one of those things a lot of people seem to do and not notice or even care about but surely they must realise that if everyone dumps their crap all over the place it doesn’t take long before we’re all knee deep in rubbish!

I am a praticising witch and a huge part of my religion is honouring the earth and respecting the sacredness of its role as our spiritual mother that nutures and feeds us.  Part of this honouring is in not throwing rubbish all over her.  It really can’t be that hard to find a rubbish bin and dispose of your rubbish there or if you can’t find a bin, taking your rubbish home with you and chucking it in your own bin.  So please next time you’re out and about and you have some rubbish to get rid of, either throw it in a bin or take it home!


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