My Favourite Books – Part Seven

My next selection on my favourite books list is called A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guinn.  I first read this when I was about fourteen and I was just blown away by it.  Like many of Le Guinn’s books, they can be read by children but they are also equally appreciated by adults.  The themes she explores are quite dark and quite serious but there no reason why a children’s book has to be all sweetness and light.  It’s about a young man who becomes a wizard and in the course of his learning he comes face to face with a demon.  At first he tries to run away from it but he soon realises that it will follow him where ever he goes.  At the end he knows that the only way he can defeat the demon is to turn and face it because the demon is actually the shadow side of himself.

This story was written years before Harry Potter came along and to my mind, the Earthsea trilogy beats Harry Potter hands down but that’s only my opinion.  Also I believe that great children’s books should always be cherished because they tend to be the books that get us interested in reading in the first place.


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