Went to a spa today; it was based in a posh hotel on the outskirts of Bath.  Gary arranged for me to go there as a birthday present.  It was very nice and I had a Swedish massage and a nice lunch with a glass of wine.  Of course the lunch was all healthy food so no cake or chocolate or anything like that.  I felt slightly guilty because I kept feeling that I ought to be enjoying it more.  It’s the second time I’ve been to a spa.  A few years ago I went to the Thermae Spa in the centre of Bath and that was nice too but I’ve realised now that I find the whole spa thing just a teensy bit boring.  I mean once you’ve had your treatment and scoffed your lunch what else is there to do?  It’s probably my fault because with the Thermae Spa there’s a big rooftop pool you can swim in but because I can’t swim a stroke it was wasted on me.  All that lolling around relaxing to tinkly music might seem very nice but inevitably after a while I got bored stiff.  And after an hour or so the tinkly music was starting to get on my nerves as well!  I’ve never been very good at relaxing; I’d probably find it more relaxing to sit down and read a good book for a while.


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