My New Novel

The novel I’m currently writing is called Emily Swann and it’s a historical drama set in the South of England in 1816.  Emily Swann is a ten year old heiress to a vast fortune who is beset by her greedy uncle Steven Swann.  Although he is already immensely rich his grasping nature means that he wants Emily’s money too, and he’s prepared to kill her to get it.


4 thoughts on “My New Novel

  1. Ooh yes please, I’ve got to sort out exactly what I need to know. One of the things I do need to know is the full title/job description of the person or persons in the Navy in 1816 who were responsible for awarding civilian contracts such as to rope makers, biscuit manufacturers, the people who made the uniforms and so on. Any info on that sort of thing would be enormously helpful!

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